Comic books, graphic novels or just comics all usually refer to books where a story is told with art, instead of just words. Though they have that similarity, they also differ in some aspects. Nevertheless, reading comic books is a very enjoyable pastime for many avid fans and to some, it’s actually a way of life. Never engage a comic book fan in a debate about which hero is the best or you’ll find yourself in a debate battle of your life.  Apart from the enjoyable experience of reading comic books, there are many other benefits to reading these treasured tomes.  Evidence and research are stacking up to prove that comic books make their readers smarter. Comics make you want to read, and they use complex language which improves verbal intelligence. What was once thought of as entertainment for children has proven several times over that it is much more than a picture book.  

Through the many comic books that were published, many superheroes have emerged and become well-loved characters and foundations of the pop culture world. They have appeared in many other mediums of entertainment like TV shows, movies, and various merchandise. The comic book universe has thousands upon thousands of superheroes in all of the universes, multiverses, and dimensions within the stories. They are often recognizable by their emblems or symbols. How many of these superheroes can you name by their superhero logos?

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