Halloween is celebrated in many different ways – through decorations, trick or treating, spooky stories and of course, donning costumes. In Western culture, it has become tradition to transform into a scary or popular character for Halloween.

According to history, the practice of wearing Halloween costumes originated from an ancient Celtic festival. It is believed that during this day, supernatural beings and the souls of the dead roam around the land. The practice of going house-to-house in costume started around the 16th century. People used to impersonate the souls of the dead and receive gifts and blessings on their behalf. The costumed visitors also believe that they will be brought protection and good fortune when they participate in the festival. The tradition differs from region to region but people typically follow the same beliefs.

In our modern culture, Halloween is not complete without costumes. From kids who are trick or treating, to adults who are partying the night away, costumes are a must! In the past, Halloween costumes were mostly scary – monsters, ghouls and other spooky creatures were the usual look that people did. Nowadays, iconic characters from pop culture are also acceptable costumes. People usually channel their favorite movie or TV characters, copying not only the fashion but also the makeup.

Celebrities are known to go all out on their Halloween costumes and this year was definitely full of memorable looks. With the countless of Halloween parties and guestings they have to attend during the season, we are blessed with countless of impressive, jaw-dropping transformations. Sometimes, the transformation is so extreme that you won’t even be able to recognize the celebrity anymore!

With a big budget and a whole glam team to help them out, celebrities have made Halloween 2019 even more entertaining. Do you think you would be able to recognize these celebrities in full Halloween gear?

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