What’s in a logo? At first glance, it may look like an ordinary image but in truth, a logo signifies so much more. A brand’s logo is one of the first things that consumers see, so it is extremely important that it is designed thoughtfully, with the company’s values and mission in mind. When not done correctly, a logo can easily turn off a potential customer and can end up damaging a brand’s reputation.

Before a logo is ever published and revealed to the public, multiple people including the company’s founders and marketing heads have already reviewed and deliberated on the best visual images to represent their brand. Colors, shapes and even font styles are important elements that are taken into consideration. The best logos will not just represent their brands well; they also stand out from the sea of competition, which is a hard thing to do because there are so many brands in the market.

The big brands always stick to simple, easy-to-remember logos. McDonald’s has the golden arches, Apple has the bitten apple and Twitter has that adorable blue bird. Images like these are more distinguishable, which makes the brand more appealing to their customers. Come to think of it, you are more likely to choose a product whose brand logo is familiar to you. This represents familiarity, reliability and consumer trust. Can you really trust a company with a bad or unappealing logo?

Sometimes, though, our memories can fail us. You think you know your favorite fast food’s logo but do you really? We have rounded out some of the most popular and iconic logos of all time and did a little switcheroo. If we changed some of the colors and switched up the shapes and lines, do you think you can still distinguish the right logo? This quiz is harder than you think and you need a good memory to ace it. Are you ready? Take the quiz and check your logo memory knowledge!

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