Alektorophobia is a fear of what?

Did you know?

A phobia is defined as a form of anxiety disorder that is from an excessive fear of a situation or an object. While fear is a normal feeling that all humans experience, phobias are an even heightened feeling of fear that can last for more than six months. People who suffer from this disorder have overwhelming anxiety and do everything they can to avoid situations that expose them to their phobia. Someone who is faced with their phobia can experience panic, shortness of breath, trembling and rapid heartbeat. According to statistics, about 10 percent of Americans experience phobias. It is one of the most common mental disorders and about 15 million adults have it. Phobias, however, are highly treatable with proper therapy. The treatment is tailored to the individual’s specific situation and fear. Additionally, there are also several medications that can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and fear.

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