How well do you know your fruits?

Fruits have been a part of our world since the beginning of its existence. They don't only taste great but are also very important to keep being healthy. Fruits can be sweet, sour, bitter, soft, hard, juicy, and so many more flavors! Did you know that apples originated from Kazakhstan? How about China being the home of oranges and peaches? Which fruit in the world provides the most vitamin-B? While fruits have been on this Earth since the beginning, how much do you know about them?

Fruits have continued to evolve since the beginning of the universe. The original bananas were actually green or red when they were ripe and had plenty of seeds inside. Some fruits have evolved naturally through cross-pollination. However, food scientists have also found ways to create new fruits through genetic combinations. One of the latest fruit inventions from scientists are grapes that taste like cotton candy! We have delved into the internet to find all kinds of fruits to test your knowledge of them. How well do you know your fruits?

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