Netflix is now everyone’s favorite past time. The streaming service is so popular that it has now overtaken cable and YouTube. It is so popular that the company has even inspired urban language to coin the term ‘Netflix and chill’, which is just all over social media these days. If you have a TV in your home, then you probably are also subscribed to this streaming service.

While Netflix is now a household name and streaming services are easily accessible to anyone, it wasn’t always this way. Television has definitely come a long way from the days when only well-to-do households could afford TV sets and there were only a few channels available to watch. In the past, the first television sets ran by a mechanical system, which was later on improved to become electronic. The addition of cathode ray tubes became monumental to the improvement of the TV and it just got better and better from there.

The first television shows were mostly talk shows and baseball shows, which were aired on scheduled timeslots. In the next decades, the TV would become the main source of entertainment of every household in America. Networks and TV shows started popping up and the viewers were blessed with a variety of programs to watch.

In 1997, the Netflix company was born. Many do not know that they actually started as a DVD rental company with limited movie titles. People went to their website to rent DVDs and the company did pretty good. However, when the Internet and Youtube became huge, people shifted to online entertainment. Netflix rebranded and updated their services, shifting into online streaming. By 2012, they have become one of the first mainstream streaming services online. Now, the company has millions of subscribers and countless of titles in their library.

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