In a mundane world, where our lives are swamped with work and other routine activities, we need a little bit of entertainment to keep our days interesting. As you know, too much work and too little fun will just increase your stress levels and no one wants that. According to experts, stress should not be taken lightly. Stress can do major harm to the body and it can even cause depression.

If you want to drop your stress levels, be happier and live a longer life, then you definitely need to up the entertainment factor. One of our most popular sources of entertainment, of course, are movies, TV shows and celebrities. Celebrity culture has taken over our modern society. The public do not only love their art but also their lifestyle. From their movie biographies to their personal lives on social media platforms, we always have a never-ending supply of celebrity culture. Not that we’re complaining, we are definitely eating up all the entertainment that we can get!

Sometimes, though, even if we have seen their whole body of work or have memorized their songs, we still get confused with their names. Admit it; there are just some celebrities who challenge our spelling skills. You think you know their names because you can say them but can you actually distinguish the correct spellings? Let’s check and see if you can guess the correct spelling of these hard-to-spell celebrity names. This quiz is not as simple as you think and you might need to do a double take! Don’t worry if you got a low score on your first try, you can always take the quiz again!

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