One of the earliest concepts of a “mechanical man” dates back to a 1495 Leonardo da Vinci sketch. According to his design, his mechanical knight was capable of humanistic movements. This was an early proof that man has always been fascinated with robotics.  Many other brilliant minds had many ideas about artificial intelligence but due to the lack of technology then, these ideas remained figments of imagination. The birth of science fiction has given these ideas an avenue to which they became, in a way, real. 
Pop culture has constantly tried to imagine what life would be like with artificial intelligence. Droids, robots or any other form of advanced artificial intelligence have always played a big part in many works of science fiction and fantasy. It’s fascinating and kind of eerie that these robots, according to their respective fictional sources, are basically just a few jumps away from our current time. What was once fiction could become a reality sooner than we expect.

It is a general certainty that robots and machine intelligence will become a growing part of our lives over the next years and decades and just as science fiction helped pave the way for space travel, today it is busily preparing the way for the coming of the machines. In fact, some of the robots we’ve seen in entertainment are already inspiring modern technology and have made some scientific breakthroughs possible. Ushering in a new decade could probably bring us more advancement in technology and the true beginning of the artificial intelligence age.

This quiz contains a list of the mechanical characters that have kept Pop Culture fascinated with their ingeniousness and possibilities. The list, however, does not include disembodied artificial intelligence. Only those with a form, humanoid or otherwise, are found in the quiz. How many of these characters are you familiar with?

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