The 2010s are coming to an end and it was a decade of remarkable and memorable events in pop culture history. Culturally speaking, this decade was an age of technological abundance. Most of the big events that revolved around pop culture were easily captured and shared through the internet. The past ten years brought us many exciting things; blockbuster movies and shows, weird and funny fads, memes and faces that are sure to be remembered in the pop culture scene.

Technology’s part this decade created new ways for fans to consume music, stream movies and TV shows and connect with the world. The rise of social media sites has kept everyone updated not just with each other’s lives but with what is happening in the various parts of the world. Social media played a bigger role this decade. Social media helped raised awareness, became the medium to which general absurdities were seen, massive accomplishments were shared and the main source of getting updates of noteworthy news as they happened.

There are undoubtedly many events that occurred in the past ten years that have made a great impact on the collective minds of the people. It was not easy picking 25 top pop culture moments, milestones and memories of the past ten years. After all, it has been one particularly long, memorable, crazy and eccentric decade. This quiz hopefully gives a sense of an era that we struggle even to remember. Sift through the rubble of the past ten years, and see if you can correctly recall the events that shook, influenced, shocked and kept pop culture on its toes during this decade.

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