Once the “ber” months roll in, expect your wallets and budgets to suffer a significant dent from the holiday events that will occur in the last few months of the year. One of the biggest and most anticipated is the Black Friday sale that takes place after every Thanksgiving. As early as the first week of November, retailers have started advertising for this day and shoppers gear themselves for an entire day of crazy deals and an even crazier crowd.

Black Friday is one of the USA's biggest shopping events of the year. It is a day when many shops cut their prices on a range of products, in order to boost profits and officially kick off the festive season.   Black Friday has become so popular that retailers in other countries that don't traditionally celebrate American Thanksgiving have embraced the shopping extravaganza too. Black Friday has a colorful history and it’s not all about the sales, discounts or amazing deals that are made yearly.  

You may be a veteran Black Friday shopper with the inside scoop on the greatest deals and strategies but how much do you really know about the day itself? Before you go rushing to the nearest stores to grab those bargain items you are dying for, try answering this quiz and learn some interesting facts about this one day of shopping madness. Who knows you might use these interesting information as a conversation starter when you stand in line waiting for your favorite mall or store to open on Black Friday.

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