Cute characters and creatures are simply hard to resist with their big, round and soulful eyes. Over the years, movies, TV shows, and the internet have sprung many iconic and very adorable characters that have taken pop culture by storm. They’ve invaded practically everything, from our dreams to consumer products and there are even people naming their pets (and kids) after them. These tiny, adorable creatures have taken pop culture domination to new heights. It’s pretty common to see fans beating down the door for merchandise that features their favorite characters.  Some even have a loyal fanbase.

There is a culture of cuteness that exists in this world and they’re not just all about unicorns and rainbows. Even aliens have become adorable nowadays. Thanks to advanced animatronics and CGI, they appear more and more lifelike. Mix that with a compelling back story or narrative and it’s a sure hit. It’s a formula that movie producers and toy manufacturers have perfected over the years. According to viral marketers, cuteness is one of the factors that can make a certain movie, show, post or ad go viral. This happens because the human brain was designed to pay attention to cute things and to instantly feel connected to them.

A little warning, this quiz is loaded with weapon-grade cuteness. There are just too many adorable little furballs and critters in pop culture that it was pretty hard to narrow the list down for this quiz. Prepare to go awww and stare at these lovable pop culture cuties. How many of them can you name correctly?

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