It’s HALLOWEEN again! The streets will soon be filled with terrifying monsters, gruesome zombies and evil clowns. Like most holidays, Halloween is embodied by a medley of traditional symbols and icons. Apart from the merriment this holiday brings, there are also many interesting facts about it that brings true meaning to this glorious and spooky day. Halloween might be a time of celebration but it is also full of superstition. Its origin is as rich as any chocolate that is given away during trick or treats but the scary tales and traditions that are linked to Halloween may give some nightmares. It's the spookiest time of the year and it might be scarier than you think.

Halloween is one of the oldest celebrations that we observe and yet many do not know the true origin of this event. Nor do many understand its religious connection. In old times it was not the happy celebration that we know. People in the old days really do believe that Halloween is a day where supernatural beings roam the Earth and cause mischief or bad luck to unsuspecting human victims. As the Catholic religion began to spread, the old beliefs and traditions were soon replaced by more acceptable ones but there are those who still kept to the old ways.

The Halloween we've all come to know and love is a combination of several different celebrations from different cultures and religions at different times in history. People all around the world love to celebrate Halloween for many reasons. It evolved to a community based-, child-friendly, sweet tooth extravaganza that is celebrated across many cultures. How many of the questions in this quiz can you answer correctly? Are you a true Halloween fan? Let’s find out.

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