Some of the most successful and best-loved films of all time have been based on books. In a recent study, it was revealed that nearly a quarter of the top 200 worldwide grossing films have been directly adapted from literature. Pretty obvious that Hollywood loves to turn to books when it comes to looking for inspiration. The more popular a book, the higher the possibility that it will be seen on the silver screen sooner or later.

There are many advantages of adapting books into movies. One of which is that turning books into movies would reach an even broader audience. Movies that originated as books could become one of the greatest movies of all time. This is because if the acting, directing, and story are all done by the book. There were books, some not so popular, that turned into amazing movies loved by the world because everyone in the production paid close attention to their source material.  Casting the perfect actor or actress for a particular role is very essential to any page to screen adaptation. Since the actors will be giving a face to well-loved characters, the expectations from fans who have read the books are very high. As years pass and more books are adapted into films, more and more are becoming huge hits and even if they were not that much of a blockbuster success, the movies and the books became familiar to many and a few even became pop culture legends.

There are many book to movie adaptations made throughout Hollywood’s rich history but those in this list are the most recent ones that made a splash when the movies were released and created interest in the novels from which they were adapted from. These are the faces that made it easy for people to remember the movies and the books. How many of them do you know?

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