How do you remember mathematics in school?  Do you remember sitting in your classroom as the teacher was writing down an equation on the blackboard and then you were called to solve it? Or do you remember having a difficult time trying to understand the lesson that your Math teacher was explaining? Was it like they were talking in an alien language? You are not alone with those thoughts and experiences. Many think of mathematics as boring, irrelevant, hard to understand or even frightening and intimidating. Not all people feel this way though. There are those who enjoy solving math problems and honestly have a fondness for numbers and the subject in general. Different people just think about mathematics differently and these thoughts are heavily influenced by several factors like occupation, peers, teachers, etc. 

Pop Culture, on the other hand, is viewed by many as fun and very engaging. It affects society in many ways. The first and most rudimentary effect of pop culture is how it builds and strengthens interactions with people who are also into the same kind of things. It isn’t hard to get into the entire Pop Culture train and even though there is a vast amount of representation throughout the various genres in Pop Culture, people just understand it like it’s a universal language or something. You will never find one person who would call it boring, intimidating or irrelevant.  

These are no two more different things than Math and Pop Culture. But what would happen if the two were combined? Are you good with math? Are you in with all things Pop Culture? Then this quiz is perfect for you. When Math and Pop Culture combine…who knew it could be fun? Figure out the equations in this quiz using the Pop Culture references by using simple Mathematical processes. It may help to get a pen and paper ready for all those calculations you’ll be doing. Best of luck.

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