Can you help Kiki satisfy her watermelon craving?

Do you know why people get cravings for certain foods? According to scientists, cravings happen for a few core reasons. The first reason one might get cravings is that the body is lacking in nutrients that your body needs. If you have ever suddenly really wanted something sweet, this could be because your body is becoming tired and needs sugar to continue functioning. Another reason we get cravings could be due to emotional stress. Stress eating is very common phenomenon because food that we find good releases endorphins in our body. When we are stressed, we begin craving good food to raise our endorphin levels.

Finally, cravings can be caused by our genetic builds. Everyone has different genetic code, so each body will need different foods to function comfortably. Cravings are a phenomenon that take more control in our life than we think. We let it affect our mood and happiness if we don't fulfill them. In this quiz, Kiki goes above and beyond just to satisfy her intense craving.

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