When the spookiest season of the year comes, we also love celebrating spooky characters. Halloween is not complete without scary ghouls and other mysterious creatures. Some of the spookiest but also most beloved creatures in our pop culture are witches and wizards. Blessed with magical powers, the story of witches and wizards has been around for a long time.

Witchery is the practice of using magical abilities and skills. It is unclear when witches first appeared in the historical scene but one of the earliest records is from the book of Samuel in the bible. It mentions that King Saul sought the Witch of Endor for help. Witch hysteria in Europe started in the mid-1400s, when several women were accused under torture of practicing witchcraft. In the next centuries, there were countless of burnings at the stake because people were afraid of witches.

In the early days, witches were believed to be doing the Devil’s work. The common image of a witch is an old hag, with warts, a huge nose, a pointy hat and of course, a flying broom. Witches were mostly tagged to be doing dark arts. However, there it is believed that there are also good witches, who have the power to heal and protect.

Because people are so interested in witches and wizards, these myths and lores have been incorporated in pop culture, especially in films. Countless of movies feature magical witches and powerful wizards that we have grown to love and some of them we hate too. If you are a fan of the occult, magic and unforgettable movie characters, then you probably know of these popular witches and wizards in film.

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