Can you recognize these famous video game icons?

Did you know that the first video game was made on October 1958 by american physicist William Higinbotham? Higinbotham developed a simple tennis game using a small analog computer to try to entice visitors to come to the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Even though Higinbotham created the first video game, his passion was always focused on nuclear arms control. No one could have seen what his small idea would become.

It's been 62 years since then and now the video game industry is bigger than ever. In recent years the video game business brings in about $131 billion annually. By the year 2025, those numbers are expected to reach $300 billion. With innovations such as cloud, VR, and subscription gaming, it looks like the industry keeps growing in the right direction. While these numbers are very impressive, we have to admit that video games only got this big because of the games. 

There have been an endless number of great games to have come out since Higinbotham's 'Tennis for Two'. Can you name all of these famous video game icons?

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