Trivia are pieces of information that are interesting but can be unimportant to some. They can be about almost anything under the sun. These are things that most people are not even aware of and wouldn’t even bother to look up unless they are brought up in conversations or seen and heard in passing. Many often confuse trivia and fact to be one and the same. To a certain point, they are correct since all trivia are facts but not all facts are trivia. To make it simple, facts are important pieces of knowledge that can be used in day to day living. Trivia are tiny tidbits of information that are factual but information that one can live a full life without knowing.

So why do people bother with trivia in the first place? Trivia may be about unimportant stuff but it is fun. Aside from the fun factor, there are benefits in engaging with some trivia fun. Most of these are good for people’s mental health. According to a psychologist, answering a trivia question correctly triggers a release of dopamine in the brain that gives the person answering a sense of pleasure and thrill. It even has its own day of celebration. Trivia fans observe January 4 as National Trivia Day.

This quiz contains 40 interesting trivia questions. How many of them do you actually know and how many of them would surprise you?

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