You are a secret spy out on a special mission. Your primary objective is to retrieve a piece of stolen technology. A group of terrorists have hijacked a military transport carrying a high-tech bomb.  If activated, it could cause massive destruction. The terrorists have no qualms of unleashing it unless their demands are met. Time is ticking. Government intelligence agencies have been working double-time to thwart their nefarious plans.  The terrorists have no idea that their secret base has been discovered. A mission was ordered and you were chosen as the agent for the job.  

You were picked among the roster of the best agents that are currently in active status. It will be up to you to get in, get the device and get out.  You are ordered to complete this mission as covertly as possible. Do not engage is one of the primary instructions. Just get the bomb and do not get caught! Can you accomplish your mission and save the world? Or would you be caught and the mission would be declared a failure?

This is an interactive quiz. Make sure to read all the quiz blurbs so you can follow the story and pick the best choice that you think would help you with your task. Are you the spy the world needs? Ready yourself, Agent, you’re mission begins now. Good luck.

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