Are you the best there ever was?

Do you know the differences between rock and steel types? Can you tell Jigglypuff apart from Clefairy? How many eggs make up an Exeggcute? Currently there are 890 Pokémon each with their own unique characteristics. It's probably impossible to know them all... right? The entire Pokémon series started back in 1996 which means that someone would have to have about 20 years of Pokémon knowledge.

Since the original Pokémon Red and Blue came out for the Gameboy, Pokémon has released its own TV show, card game, clothing brand, mobile games, café, and so much more. The Pokémon brand is so big that it's raised $95 billion since its inception and has become the #1 media franchise in the world.

This quiz will test how well you can recognize your favorite Pokémon from your childhood as well as some newcomers. While it's almost impossible to catch them all, can you at least recognize them?

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