A good Christmas film is as synonymous with the festive season. Around this time each year, many of us get an itch to binge Christmas-themed movies. Good thing there’s plenty to choose from, and it feels like every single one of them is able to put us in a merry mood. It is also a perfect way to bond with our loved ones who are home for the holidays. What better way to spend quality time together that laughing or crying over these classic Christmas movies. Since most Christmas films are designed for families and have plots that are not intricate or have overly long runtimes, every member of the family would surely enjoy watching them

Experts say that watching Christmas films can instantly boost our happiness as it triggers the release of dopamine, a feel-good hormone. They also help reduce stress and anxiety. Watching our favorite Christmas characters greatly lifts spirits this festive season mainly due to the positive themes they have going in their respective plots. Themes like hope, joy, and forgiveness are the most common things we can see in these movies. These characters are sought after during the holiday season for the warm feelings that they bring. They are immortalized, cherished and more often become a part of many a family’s holiday tradition.

This quiz hopefully jump-starts your seasonal spirit and gives you ideas on what to watch this Christmas. The quiz includes most of the famous Christmas characters featured in classic holiday movies or TV features. How many of these questions can you answer correctly?

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